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Stay Compliant and Safe with our CITB Training Courses

Are your construction projects plagued by safety issues and compliance worries? Are you struggling to meet industry safety standards and keep your team up to date?

These challenges not only put your projects at risk but also endanger your workers' safety and your company’s reputation. Falling behind on essential training can lead to costly fines, accidents, and even project shutdowns.

Our CITB SSP Training courses are designed to eliminate these concerns. With expert-led instruction, flexible learning options, and accredited certifications, you can ensure your team is fully compliant, safe, and efficient. Empower your workforce with the skills and knowledge they need to excel and protect your business from unnecessary risks.


Take action now! Enrol in our CITB SSP Training courses today and secure a safer, more compliant future for your projects.

Our CITB Training Courses

Our CITB training team, comprising of seasoned construction site managers and expert trainers that bring a wealth of hands-on, 'muddy boots' experience in the construction sector. This not only equips us with the essential knowledge to effectively train you but also allows us to infuse your training with real-world, practical insights.

SSSTS Refresher
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Contruction Engineer
“We have used AOD Training to deliver our Safety and Risk Management Training. Their attention to detail and prior preparation ensured they delivered an interactive, engaging and interesting training programme to our students.”

Mark Smith

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