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CITB Grants and Funding for Training - Your Guide

Navigating the construction industry often requires substantial investment in training and development, which can be a financial challenge. Fortunately, various grants and funding opportunities are available to support both individuals and businesses in enhancing their skills and qualifications. This blog post will explore these opportunities, focusing on information from AOD Training.

Overview of Available Grants and Funding

Grants and funding are essential tools for advancing skills in the construction industry. They help cover the costs associated with training courses, qualifications, and apprenticeships, ensuring that the workforce remains competent and competitive.

1. Apprenticeship Grants: These grants support employers in training apprentices, covering costs related to off-the-job training, which is crucial for developing comprehensive skill sets in new entrants to the industry.

2. Qualification Grants: These grants aim to help individuals and employers achieve recognized qualifications within the construction industry. By covering the costs associated with gaining these qualifications, they make career advancement more accessible.

3. Short Course Grants: For those looking to undertake shorter training courses, these grants provide financial assistance, making it easier to stay updated with the latest industry standards and practices.

4. Plant Training Grants: Specialized training for operating construction plant machinery is essential for safety and efficiency. Grants for this training ensure that operators are well-qualified and safe on the job.

Applying for Funding

Applying for training grants involves a few key steps:

1. Eligibility Check: Ensure you meet the criteria for the specific grant. Typically, grants are available to businesses registered with relevant industry bodies and individuals working within the construction sector.

2. Documentation: Gather all necessary documents, including proof of training, employer details, and other relevant information that demonstrates the need for the grant.

3. Timely Submission: Submit your application within the specified timeframe to ensure it is considered.

4. Follow-Up: Keep in touch with the grant provider to track the status of your application and provide any additional information if required.

Examples of how you can use your grants

Grants and funding can significantly impact both businesses and individuals in the construction industry. Here are some examples of how these funds have been used effectively:

- Small Construction Firm Upskilling: A small firm used a Short Course Grant to train its team in safety procedures, reducing workplace incidents and improving overall site safety.

- Apprenticeship Support: A medium-sized firm utilized Apprenticeship Grants to hire and train new apprentices, helping the business grow and providing valuable career opportunities.

- Individual Qualification Achievement: An individual worker used a Qualification Grant to obtain a recognised qualification, enhancing their skills and advancing their career.

Training Opportunities at AOD Training

AOD Training offers a wide range of courses both in-person and online. Located near Andover, AOD Training specializes in delivering instructor-led courses with experienced trainers who bring practical construction industry experience to their teaching. Some of the courses include:

CITB Training courses
Construction Crane on Site

Benefits of Grants and Funding

Grants and funding provide several key benefits:

1. They enable workers to gain new skills and qualifications, making them more competent in their roles.

2. Funding for safety training ensures workers are well-equipped to handle site-specific hazards.

3. With better training and qualifications, workers can advance their careers, taking on more responsibilities and higher-paying roles.

4. For employers, having a well-trained workforce means increased productivity, higher quality work, and the ability to take on more complex projects.


Grants and funding are invaluable for advancing skills and safety in the construction industry. Whether you are an individual seeking to enhance your career or a business aiming to upskill your workforce, these financial supports offer the necessary resources to achieve your goals. Explore the opportunities available through AOD Training to unlock your potential and drive success in the construction industry.

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